Fouraster has been acquired by Nextwave Media. Current and potential clients please visit the Nextwave Media website for more information on our new services.

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Protection Against Fraudulent Renewal Notices

Every day domain name owners are receiving renewal requests from companies other than the one they registered through. Often these notices are for domain names similar to your existing one, and they are always priced well above market rates. Fouraster will let you know when your domain name is up for renewal so you can ignore these fraudulent renewal notices and save yourself time and money in the process.

Changed Details Protections

Many times people will register a domain name and use and email address of contact details that change in the future, meaning renewal notices are not received. This means your domain name might expire and leave your site invisible to customers. Also if you ever need to change details or hosting you cannot do this without the proper details. Fouraster can act as a secondary contact to ensure that you don't suffer these misfortunes.

Contact Us

If you know would like more information on the domain name services offered by Fouraster, please contact us.