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The Problem

So, you've spent thousands of dollars on a web site that was supposed to be a nice addition to your business, drawings customers to your business and generating an income.

Instead you're stuck with a bunch of technical features that you were never shown how to use and never seem to work the way you want them to. On top of that the web designer is nowhere to be found, your emails are never answered, the phone rings out, or you are given empty promises.

Now you're stuck with a pain in your chest when you consider that you might have wasted thousands of dollars that could have been better spent on stock or advertising or could have gone into your pocket. Now you're thinking it's a hopeless cause and you should give up, but you can't help but feel that there has to be some potential, especially at the price you paid. The problem is you don't want to spend thousands more only to be in the same position.

The Hope

Everywhere you look there are web designers telling you that you need a complete redesign, or you need to buy a list of thousands of email addresses, or you need an extravagant Flash intro. Everyone wants to make a fast buck with no concern for the impact they have on your business. They are not concerned with ensuring you can still pay the bills at the end of each month.

It doesn't have to be this way.

With a few simple steps and with minimal cost your site can be transformed and can start to give you a return on your investment. Bit by bit you can improve your site, building up a momentum that cannot be stopped.

The Solution

Your first priority is to strengthen those areas of your site which will generate the highest return with the least amount of effort or cost applied. This will generate an income or customer stream so that the web site will start to pay for itself, and any further improvements. As you get a feel for what your customers want from your site you can begin to expand it to take advantage of this.

There is no magic formula, the key to making your web site successful is to grow it slowly, evolving it according to the demands of your customers. You expand your web site just the same as you develop your business.

The First Step

To start your site on the road to recovery, take a look at the free stuff on this site, there is a wealth of information available to you at no cost. Once you are ready you should investigate the services that Fouraster provides, especially the Web Site Development Plan, the quickest and most cost-effective path to a profit-generating web site.